Welcome to our comprehensive year-long cheer program designed to cater to a diverse range of participants, from the youngest enthusiasts at age 3 to seasoned teens at 18! Our program offers two exciting tracks: Novice, tailored for beginners, and Prep, designed for those seeking a more challenging experience without committing to extensive travel. Read a little bit about both options below. 


PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. Novice is specifically crafted for those new to cheerleading. Whether it’s your child’s first cheer experience or they’ve been inspired by cheerleading, Novice is the ideal starting point.

Novice teams participate in local competitions, providing a supportive and familiar environment for participants to showcase their progress. There is no extensive travel, making it convenient and financially possible for families.


BIGGER CHALLENGE, LIMITED TRAVELING. Prep is perfect for those who have some cheer experience and are ready for a more challenging program without committing to the travel demands of an Elite team.

Prep teams will engage in both local and limited travel competitions, striking a balance between challenging experiences and convenience. This allows participants to test their skills against a broader range of teams while maintaining a manageable schedule.