Toddler Tumbling  – Saturday 10a
Ages 18 months – 3 years
This is the Ultimate Beginners class for our up-and-coming cheerleaders aged 18 months-3 years old. Catered to our youngest athletes Toddler Tumbling makes trying out cheerleading at a young age fun!

Tumble Tots – Saturday 10:45a  
Ages 3-6
Our Tumble Tots program is targeted toward our toddlers aged 3-6 years old who want to get involved in cheerleading or are already involved and want to continue their tumbling experience. 


  Tumble 100 (Wed & Fri)
o Younger Class – Ages 4-9
o   Older Class – 
Ages 10+

Tumble 100 is for NEW athletes who want to learn new skills and those working towards and or perfecting their back walkovers. This class focuses on different variations of level 1 skills and prepares athletes to move up to our Tier 2 classes.


  Tumble 200 (Wed & Thur)
o Younger Class – Ages 4-9
o   Older Class – Ages 10+

Tumble 200 is for athletes working towards and or perfecting their back handsprings. This class focuses on different variations of back handsprings and prepares athletes to move up to our Tier 3 classes.


  Tumble 300 (Mon & Thur)
o   Younger Class – Ages 4-9
o   Older Class – Ages 10+

Tumble 300 is the perfect class for athletes that have surpassed all level 2 skills and are ready to level up! Athletes will work on skills such as but not limited to; Standing back handspring series, Running tumbling to back tuck, punch fronts, and aerials. 


  Tumble 400 (Mon&Thur)
Younger Class – Ages 4-9
Older Class – Ages 10+

Tumble 400 is perfect for any Tier 4 athlete to work on their level 4 skills which include: Standing Back Tucks, Standing Back Handsprings to tuck, Running Layouts, Running whip passes, Punch Front Step outs, Front Handspring Punch Front, and plenty of other specialty passes!

 Standing Tucks (Tues) 
Ages 5+
 Is your athlete Working towards or perfecting a standing tuck? This is the perfect class for you! Our Standing tuck class is a great fit for any level 4 tumbler looking to nail their tuck! 


  Tumble 500 (Fri)
Ages 7+

Tumble 500 is our tier 5 class targeted towards our Higher Level tumblers who are ready to twist and have perfected all of our previous tiers! This is for BEGINNERS at twisting.

Tumble 501 (Wed)
Ages 7+

 Tumble 501 is for our athletes NOT needing a spot on the floor and would like to work connecting skills to fulls/doubles. NO SPOT needed for full.


  Teen Tumbling (Wed)  
Ages 14+

Teen Tumbling is for all athletes Aged 14+ of all levels who want to work on skills with other athletes in their same age range. Teen Tumbling is meant to be a fun more fast-paced environment.

Adult Tumbling (Tues)
Ages 18+
Parents and any young adults who want to learn to tumble or continue their tumbling experience are welcome to join our Adult Tumbling class. It’s never too late to learn with LVA! 


Ages 5-12 (7-8p)
Ages 13+ (8-9p)
Open/Structured gym. Come and work on new skills, master old skills and meet new friends!


Flight School   

o   Ages 4-9
o   Ages 10+
LVA’s notorious Flight School is for all current/ aspiring flyers, this class gives athletes the skills needed to become a confident and consistent flyer.

Flyer Stretch
o   YOUNGER – Tiny, Mini & Newbies
o   OLDER – Youth, Junior & Senior
o   SATURDAY – Any Age                
Our flyer stretch class can completely transform any athlete’s body positions and improve athlete’s flexibility in general. This class is recommended to aspiring flyers, current flyers, or any athletes who want to train their flexibility 

Coed Stunts
All Ages (Flyers Only)
 Our Coed Stunt class is the perfect class to get your flyer ready to go up in a partner stunt or continue flyers’ current coed stunt experience! 


Hip Hop 100 – Beginner
Ages 5+
Our Hip Hop 100 class is the perfect beginner’s hip hop class for anybody that has an interest in hip hop and or no prior experience! Ages 5 and up are welcome in this class and can continue in this class till they are recommended to move up to our advanced Hip Hop 200 class.

Hip Hop 200 – Advanced
Ages 10+
Hip Hop 200 is an advanced class athletes looking for harder and more elite level dances.